Random Cam Story:

Over the years I have found the freedom to express my needs in many ways. From being with larger older woman with hug breasts and a very talented month, to younger men who need “get off” as soon and often as possible. Yet, somehow always find myself coming back to middle age married men who are looking for something different, hard, and hot. Most of them are respondents are from my postings in public web sites. I live in the western part of the US; I am middle age, very fit, and an honest 9 in. A typical posting involves comments about the need to be discrete and wanting to meet in a public place to see what the chemistry is like. I receive a variety of replies; far too many from desperate men who can’t seem to write a meaningful sentence. But every now and then one seems to stick a cord.

One of the recent replies was from a middle age married man, who described himself as “curious”. We agreed to meet late in the afternoon at local coffee shop. I am always a little nervous about these meetings and this was no exception. So we could identity each other, we both agreed to wear tan caps. I walked in to the coffee shop and there he was just as advertised; 185 or lbs, tan, a little gray, fit, and a wonderful and yet shy smile. We seemed to hit it off at once and spend an hour of so talking about travel and cars. Normally these meetings end with an agreement to meet later. But this one was different. Perhaps it was the fact that we both needed this or the ease with which he seemed to hit it off. What ever the reason, I suggested a short ride and some fresh air. No sooner had we gotten in my car than he put his hand on my leg. His touch was electric and sent a shiver through my entire body. At first I tensed up but as he moved up, I spread my legs. Without saying a word, I made it clear he could have all of me. At the same time I reached over to him, keeping one hand on the wheel and caressing his leg with the other. Slowly my hand moved up until I could feel all of him. I was with man who was excited and as needy as I was. With each passing minute, I could feel him getting harder and harder. With each passing mile I was being more and more excited. I drove a few miles and parked in a secluded spot where I had gone to on past adventures. Almost before I could park the car, he was undoing his belt and lowering his pants. We were shaking from excitement, and need, and lust. I reached over to him and the thrill of that “first touch” made me even more eager. We had been waiting for this moment when we could act on our needs. Normally I enjoy the foreplay; the playing with nipples and perhaps kissing, but not this time. It had been too long to delay what I needed and craved. I took him in my mouth, slowly at first. Then more and more, deeper and deeper. He was a perfect size; the size that I have been dreaming. It was wonderful to feel his silky firmness. I hear him breathing more quickly as I increase the pace. To know what he wanted me as much as I needed him. The more I sucked him the harder and bigger he became. Then what both he and I had been wanting, he started to cum. He arched his back and drove himself deeper in to my month and unloaded a spring of salty thick juice. I tried to keep it all, but it was just too much, it ran down my cheeks and on to my chest. He had been saving up for the right time. He cam time after time, each one being pushed deeper into my mouth. He gave me all of what he had, until he was exhausted and spent.

I would like to end this story with how he took me and how he give as good as he received. But almost as soon as he gave me his last drop of cum, we were interrupted by an approaching car. At the time, I was bitterly disappointed, but we meet again later in the week and it was my turn. This time in a small room I keep for just such meetings. I get hard just thinking about it! Let me know if you would like to hear about that part of the adventure.

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